Copy Files between Spaces
Put the same files in two different folders or spaces, without connecting to either space as a network share.

Select the folder you would like to copy files from. Next, click the ellipsis next to the folder and then click copy-and-sync.

Click click to select a destination folder.

Select the folder into which you would like to copy your content. Then click choose folder.

Optional Use job priority: slowest, default, fastest to set how quickly you would like the copy to occur.


Optional Use conflict resolution: skip conflicts, overwrite if newer, overwrite if different, overwrite all to choose how you would like to handle different copies of the same file in the USB device and in the destination folder.

Optional Use any of the following options to change how files are copied:

Use Sync Folders to synchronize the contents of the source and destination folders.

Use Archive Overwritten Files to move files that would have been overwritten to a backup folder.

Use copy root folder to create a folder inside the destination folder, and copy all of the files into it.

Use inherit destination permissions to wipe all of the permissions from the files you are copying, and then apply the permissions of the destination to them.

Click copy.

Optional Click Copy and Sync Progress to view the progress of the file copy.