Spaces, Templates, Ingest and Snapshots
Spaces store and share your content. Templates add detailed folder structures to spaces. Ingest copies content from storage media into spaces. Snapshots protect your content from corruption or accidental deletion.

# Spaces

creativespace.local/files/spaces web interface
spaces browser panel

Spaces are a versatile, easy way to store and share your content. Once you create a space, you can:

  • add content to it
  • add users to it
  • add groups to it
  • share it
  • take snapshots of it
  • limit how large it can grow
  • and limit how small it can shrink

Spaces let you decide who can see your content, who can modify it, and even how much storage they can use. Spaces liberate your content from the confines of your collection of external hard drives, and centralize it under your control.

# Templates

creativespace.local/files/templates web interface
templates browser panel
templates browser panel

Your team probably uses some sort of folder-based organization system to keep track of assets. Perhaps you have a folder naming convention. Maybe you have templates for the projects you do most often. And most likely, you have at least one team member who just doesn't get with the program. No longer. Templates let you take the organization system that your team members know, love and (mostly) follow, and apply it inside spaces. Templates automate the tedious and error-prone task of copying a folder template into a shared location, updating file and folder names to match a convention, and setting up template files for your project.

# Ingest

creativespace.local/files/devices web interface
spaces browser panel

Content can take a lot of time to move and copy. But it doesn't need to slow you down. Ingest lets you copy content directly from an external drive to the node. With Ingest, you don't need to plug the drive into your computer, and then copy the files from the drive, through your computer, over the network, and into a space.

# Snapshots

creativespace.local/files/devices web interface
spaces browser panel

If a team member has ever deleted or modified a file, only to find out that they shouldn't have, it can be really painful to recover lost work. Snapshots save the day. The snapshot viewer makes it painless to recover individual files and entire spaces from snapshots.