Configure Network Ports
Use each network port on your node to connect to a different network.


Do NOT change the configuration of the network port that you are currently to connect to the node. You might end up locking yourself out of the node, with no way to connect. Only configure a network port that you are not currently using to access the node.

Locate the interface you want to configure in network and then click the gear next to the ethernet interface you want to configure..

Use mtu to select the mean transmission unit (MTU) of the network interface.

Use ip address to enter the IP address you would like your node to have.


Optional If you would like the node to be able to access the internet, then use gateway to set the address of the gateway.

Optional If you would like your node to use a different DNS server than the one provided by your gateway, then use DNS Server to set a primary and secondary DNS.

Click Save Network Configuration..