Join a ZeroTier Network
Add your node to an existing ZeroTier network, so that it can connect to other workstations on the network.

There are two ways to join a Zerotier Network:

Get the node ID from Node ID: abcdef1234. You will need it in vimeo-step 5.

Paste the network ID of the ZeroTier network you want to join in ZeroTier Network ID. Then click Add. Your node will request access to the network, and will display pending network authorization.

To give your node network authorization, go to the networks page of your ZeroTier account. Then find the network you added your node to, and click the network you joined.

Deselect Authorized.

Locate the row with the Address that matches the Node ID from Node ID: abcdef1234. Then select the checkbox under the Auth? column to authorize it.

Go back to the management interface. The ZeroTier network you just joined will be Connected.


You need to connect your node's management interface to your ZeroTier account before you can join a ZeroTier network using the ZeroTier Configuration Panel.

Click the gear in the top right corner of the ZeroTier Section of the System Page.

Use network to select the network you want to join from the Available Networks section of the ZeroTier configuration panel.

Click join network.