Manage Your ZeroTier Account
Connect Your Node's Management Interface to your ZeroTier Account, so you can add, remove, enable, disable, join, leave, and connect workstations to all of your ZeroTier networks.


You will need a ZeroTier Account in order to use this feature. ZeroTier is a cutting-edge virtual private network. It lets you connect workstations to your node as if they were physically connected to the same managed switch or router. If you do not have a ZeroTier account, you can set one up for free at

Create a ZeroTier account and log in to your account at Then Select Account from the top menu bar.

Scroll down to the API Access Tokens section. Then click on New Token.

Use Token Label to give your token a name that matches your node, and then click Generate.

Copy the API Token.


Go to the system page, then click on the settings gear in the zerotier networking panel. After that, click Add ZeroTier API Token

Paste your Zerotier API Token into ZeroTier API Token Then, click Save Token

The “Manage ZeroTier Networks” panel will appear. It will be empty if there are no networks configured. If you have existing networks, you can manage them from this panel.